Drama in Education


Drama in Education (DiE) is a specialization that privileges make-believe play as a significant learning medium in the human lifespan. Participants can role-play situations, act out imaginary scenarios, or demonstrate fictitious images for the purposes of insight and growth.

Our approach is shaped by a commitment to three processes: Action, Reflection, Transformation (ART). Ed Theatre is ART, and so we immerse students in the required curriculum competencies, such as those found in the NYC Theatre Blueprint.

We privilege process-oriented approaches at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels, and have become leaders in the movement known as process drama, which is nonscripted collaborative enactment under the watchful gaze of an experienced facilitator. DiE teaches concepts, raises awareness, assists with skill development, promotes collaborative learning, builds community, and generates aesthetic knowledge.

DiE develops future educators and artist-practitioners proficient in the:

  • purpose and contribution of drama in education to cultural life
  • philosophies and praxis of DiE
  • construction and evaluation of DiE
  • application and research of DiE in diverse contexts
  • source: https://steinhardt.nyu.edu/music/edtheatre/dramaeducation


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